About us

Clover & Co Fabrics is owned by one but supported by many. Originally founded by two best friends, Yondette and Nat, with a couple of laptops and a bedroom dedicated to fabric storage, Clover has grown to become a trusted name in Australia’s boutique fabric market.

The new generation of Australian makers who recognise that handmade, slow fashion is the most conscious way to have textile-based goods in our homes that are ethically manufactured, and are tailored to our individual wants and needs, and provide a creative, skilled outlet for makers.

The beautiful community of like-minded makers and our team of wonderful strike sewers have helped Clover to grow to better support the needs of our customers.
Our rigorous testing has meant we can offer a wide selection of top-quality; every day fabric bases that withstand several years (and several wearers) of use - in line with our journey to support ethical and sustainable living.

About our Director:

My name is Yondette and I am a mother, wife and fabric nerd born in Aotearoa (New Zealand), living in Kulin Nation (Melbourne, Australia).
I have always been creative; loving everything fabric and yarn related. I even had a small crochet basket business for a few years prior to starting Clover.

I grew up wanting to be in fashion design, and as I entered my adult years, I became passionate about slow fashion, ethical business practices and sustainability.

The textiles industry has a reputation that I want to turn on its head. We have a sustainability charter(link), including ethical agreements with our manufacturers and artists. We aim to reduce waste, connect with like-minded creatives, and continue to bring diversity and unconditional acceptance to our community.


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